Meet the Inventor

 Mike Loewenberg

I live in Apollo Beach just south of Tampa with my gorgeous wife Lauri and my awesome 12 year old son Jacob.

Bag Hero was an idea that was born almost 10 years ago out of endless frustration of having to throw away stale chips… long before their time.

My initial idea was much simpler than what you see today. Basically it was a bag with a rubber band like material attached to the bottom that you could use to close the bag, the same way you would wrap a rubber band around a deck of cards. On my initial Patent search we found something similar from 1924!

I knew I had to enhance the idea to be able to get a patent so to make a long story short I added in the standing feature and the Pull-n-Close system and worked on the design for a few years. Bag Hero is designed to work perfectly, from the angle of the bottom clip to the strength of the springs that keep the bag in place.

I have had my own marketing companies for the last 20 years. My main focus has been leads, lists, lead generation, email marketing etc. with my company selling 100’s of millions of leads to clients like Verizon, At&T and more.  About a year ago I stopped all that to pursue my dreams of inventing products that make life easier.  Bag Hero has my heart and soul in it and is ready for the masses.

Bag Hero is owned by my company Loewenberg Inc. a Florida corporation. We hold 2 patents on Bag Hero, one that covers the standing feature and another on the Pull-n-Close system.